Utah Tree Trimming Service

Improper Pruning Does More Harm Than Good

Almost anyone can cut a tree but very few know what it takes to properly prune a tree. Improper pruning can actually do much more harm than good. Poorly trimmed trees can experience starvation, shock, susceptibility to infestation and disease, weak limbs, rapid uneven growth, unsightliness, and even death. All too often, we get called to repair a botched tree trimming job done by another company. Don’t waste your time and money and choose Arbor Plus from the start.

Trust Arbor Plus to Get the Job Done Right

Our expert arborists have years of experience with proper tree trimming techniques.  Regularly scheduled tree trimming will improve the health of your trees, control growth, enhance fruiting and flowering, and improve overall appearance. Trees don’t require constant attention but the first tree trimming is recommended 2-5 years after planting and every 5-7 years afterward. ArborPlus has many ongoing tree-trimming contracts with customers because of our focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us and see for yourself the ArborPlus difference.