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How an Arborist Removes A Tree

Watching a Tree Fall

There is something about a falling tree that really captures attention. When a tree falls on its own: in a storm or another emergency event, it can be both terrifying and awe-inspiring. When a tree is taken down intentionally by a professional arborist crew, it’s exciting!

When our clients hire us to remove their trees, they report that it’s fun to watch. Customers often watch the entire process with their families and neighbors, and they tell us how much they enjoy seeing the process in their online reviews.

Tree Removal Utah

Mechanized Tree Removal

When you hire us to remove your tree, we first assess the job to decide on the appropriate method for your tree removal.

For tricky tree removals, we arrive with our knuckleboom crane which has an attached grapple saw. Kids and adults alike enjoy watching this modern machine at work.

The crane and grapple saw combination has the features of a high-powered chainsaw, allowing it to cut through wood within seconds, and a strong vice-like grapple. The crane arm locks onto the tree and then cuts it, allowing the operator to lower the limb to the ground in a controlled manner. This method minimizes property damage and the chance for injuries.

Traditional Tree Removal

For a traditional climbing removal, the arborist begins by working his way up the tree. With tree climbing spurs, a rope, and a saddle, he stays securely attached to the tree as he climbs. The arborist removes branches on the way up. A second arborist, known as a groundsman works with the climber to rope large branches and guide them safely to the ground.

The climber and his crew must work together to determine the weight of the tree and strength of the rigging point to safely lower the branches and trunk as they are removed.

The arborist team will then remove the trunk by cutting manageable pieces, rigging each piece with a rope and lowering it to the ground in a controlled manner.

How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?

If you are considering removing one of your trees this season, begin the process by consulting with a certified arborist. We have the training and experience to determine if your tree is dead, declining, hazardous, or, in some cases, not in need of removal at all.

An arborist can evaluate the safest and most cost effective way to remove your tree and reduce the risks involved with any tree removal.

Give us a call to schedule an inspection with one of our arborists for your professional tree removal. Then sit back and watch!

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