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Tree Removal

When a Tree Becomes a Hazard

Even a well cared for tree may become a dangerous situation for homeowners and communities. When a tree becomes a hazard, it must be removed. Tree removal, even in emergency situations, can be a non-destructive process with a skilled crew and the appropriate equipment.

To determine the cost and method of your tree removal, the first consideration is the size of the tree. We look for obstacles around the tree and assess the surrounding terrain. We determine whether communication or power lines are present, especially high voltage power lines. Other factors that come into play are the condition of the tree and seasonal or weather conditions pertaining to the time of year.

risk factor
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Specialized Equipment

For dangerous and technical removals: trees that are extremely tall, close to structures, or located in tight spaces, we may use specialized equipment for the job. We have our own knuckleboom crane in-house for use during larger tree removals. Our customers love watching this capable craning mechanism do its work!

When removing trees, there are almost always space constraints. The knuckleboom crane helps us operate in confined areas. The grapple saw attachment lets our operators make cuts while remaining safely on the ground. The unit’s remote controls allow the arborist to find the best position from which to view the work and stay on the ground throughout the tree removal process. Removing a tree is safer when no climber is necessary.

If you have a tree that you suspect may need to be removed, our tree-removal experts are ready to help you through the process.

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