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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Trees in Utah

Arbor Plus is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works across the state on commercial and residential projects. A relationship-driven company, this expert team of arborists is known for their strong communication, exceptional work ethic, and professionalism.  


  • The Benefits of Landscaping in Utah 
  • Choosing the Right Trees to Plant in Utah 
  • The Best Season for Tree Planting 
  • Careful Considerations for Planting a Tree in Your Yard 

The Benefits of Landscaping in Utah

Getting into landscaping in Utah comes with a bunch of cool perks that go way beyond just making your yard look great. Utah’s natural beauty sets the stage for creating outdoor spots that fit right in with the stunning surroundings. But it’s not just about appearances – landscaping here is all about making spaces that work great and providing trees with the most optimal conditions to thrive.

One benefit of Utah landscaping is how it can actually save you energy. With the crazy hot summer months, clever landscaping can give you some much-needed shade, keeping your place cooler without cranking up the AC. And in winter, smart plant placement can act like a shield against chilly winds, helping to keep things toasty inside. Picking the right trees and plants and putting them in the right spots can create a mini climate that cuts down on your energy use, which means smaller bills and a thumbs-up for the environment. Plus, if you go for native and tough plants that can handle Utah’s dry spells, you’re not just saving water, you’re also giving a high-five to the local ecosystem. These plants can handle the heat and need less water and care, which is like a win-win for your yard and the planet. So, when you dive into landscaping in Utah, you’re not just making things look good – you’re doing your bit for a greener, cooler, and more chill state.

Choosing the Right Trees to Plant in Utah

When it comes to choosing the best and healthy trees for Utah, it’s essential to keep in mind the unique soil and water conditions that the state offers. The alkaline nature of the soils, especially those with higher alkalinity due to secondary water or reclaimed water, presents a crucial consideration. These waters can carry a diverse range of elements, from pesticides to herbicides, and even elevated salt content. This downstream flow of secondary irrigation water means that potential contaminants from upstream sources could find their way into the water supply. With this in mind, selecting trees that have a natural tolerance for alkaline soils and the ability to withstand the potential challenges posed by these water sources becomes paramount. Opting for tree varieties that exhibit resilience to higher alkalinity and potential contaminants ensures healthier and more successful growth in the unique Utah environment, creating a harmonious coexistence with the state’s soil and freshwater characteristics. The trees that do best are Choke Cherries, Crab Apples, and Honey Locusts. 

The Best Season for Tree Planting

The best time to plant trees in Utah hinges on a couple of important factors. Fall and spring each offer their advantages and popular varieties of trees. Fall can be an optimal time, especially if trees are well-watered to carry them through the initial heat and potential cold snaps in October. As long as the trees receive direct sunlight and sufficient water, fall planting can take advantage of cooler temperatures and prepare the roots for the following spring’s growth. On the other hand, spring planting offers its own perks, particularly for those relying on irrigation. With readily available water and no need for early shut-offs, spring becomes a user-friendly option for planting trees. Ultimately, the choice between spring and fall depends on your ability to provide consistent water and your irrigation setup, ensuring that the trees have the best chance to thrive and establish strong roots in Utah’s unique conditions.

 Careful Considerations Before Planting a Tree in Your Yard

Choosing the right spot to plant your trees in Utah is like setting the stage for a successful and enjoyable outdoor experience. Depending on your needs, there are several strategic reasons for tree placement. If you’re craving some shade to beat the summer heat, consider planting trees near a patio or on the west side of your house. This not only provides cool respite but also helps cut down on air conditioning costs. Moreover, trees can act as natural windbreaks during the chilly winters, acting as buffers against those south and west winds that tend to blow in. If privacy is a priority, trees can come to the rescue as well. Whether it’s a leafy hedge or a standalone specimen, well-placed trees can shield your view and add an extra layer of seclusion, giving you that much-needed privacy. So, when it comes to where to plant your trees in Utah, it’s all about finding the sweet spot that aligns with your shade, wind, and privacy goals, creating an oasis that blends seamlessly with the state’s unique landscape.

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